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Baseball Party Decorations

Round Baseball Piñata
This 11 inch diameter baseball piñata comes empty
for you to fill. Use stickers and toys in addition to candy
and let the kids hit it with a baseball bat!


Baseball Confetti Value Pack

1.2 oz value pack of baseball confetti includes
red, silver, and blue stars with 1" baseball cutouts. Decoration fun for your next baseball event!



Baseball Paper Lanterns - 3 pack
Use these baseball paper lanterns to decorate at
your baseball themed party or event. Decorate your
baseball fan's room or the kids' game room with
them, too. Each baseball lantern is 9 1/2" diameter
and includes string for hanging.
$7.99 / set 

Baseball Star Danglers
7' strings, includes 42' of decorations!
A fun way to decorate at your baseball party.

Large Sheet of Baseball Stickers
Take me out to the ball game! Use these
baseball themed stickers to decorate your
baseball scrapbook pages. Sheet 14" x 5"



Baseball Player Stickers

Photo safe baseball themed stickers
6-7/8" x 3-7/8"

Sheet of Baseball Stickers
Includes 12 baseball stickers.
Sheet size: 7 1/2" x 2 1/2"