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Football Decorations

Football Cascade Centerpiece

Decorate the tables at your football event
with this foil football cascade centerpiece.
Stands 8 1/2" tall, spreads 12" wide.

Large Football Centerpiece

If you need larger centerpieces for your
football party, use this large foil football
cascade centerpiece. Green and blue
with gold stars and lots of footballs.
Stands 18" tall, spreads 15" wide.



It's Game Time Football Cascade Centerpiece
"It's Game Time" Football Cascade Centerpiece has a printed football base. Shiny foil football helmets and footballs cascade down this centerpiece. Makes
a nice table decoration for your football party.
15" high, 3 3/4" wide base, 12" cascade spread.



Football Hanging Lantern
10" x 8 1/4" football shaped paper lantern is a great decoration for a sports themed room
or a football party. Hang the football from the wire frame and enjoy!



Grass Table Covers
Looks like real grass! Perfect for any sports party.

Flannel-backed vinyl table cover - 52" x 90"

Plastic table cover - 54" x 102"