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Football Party Favors


Football Cell Phone Charm

Football Rocks' Tattoo Tape

36" of football tattoo tape, plus bonus tattoo!
Comes with tape dispenser


3D Football Bag Tag

Classic Football Cell Charm

Inflatable Football Thunder Sticks
includes 2 sticks 23.5" long
Hit together to make noise!

Football Magnet
7" x 4"

Football Antenna Topper
approx 3" long

  Household Cleaning Cloths
Micro fiber cleaning clothes to clean even the most delicate surfaces without scratching or streaking. Remove fingerprints from your sunglasses. Clean your laptop screen for the clearest picture. Help keep your DVDs from skipping for more movie enjoyment.  And do it all in style!  Sports designs created by Artist Silvio Irilli.   6" x 8"

click image to see larger view