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Hockey Craft Supplies

Hockey Scrapbook
20 top-loading scrapbook pages
each page is 8" x 8", post bound construction,
acid free and photo safe
bright, realistic hockey cover


Hockey Fabric 3D Stickers
14 individual 3-d stickers. outfit made with real fabric,  entire sheet 4.25in. x 3.5in.


Hockey Player 3D Stickers
Include 11 individual 3-d stickers that includes hockey player, goal, stick, puck, skates, gloves and helmet.  entire sheet 4.25in. x 3.5in.


Hockey Skate 3D Stickers

2 realistic ice skate stickers with real lacing and textured skates. Amazingly detailed!  Sheet Dimensions: 4" x 4.25"


Hockey Sticker 4 Pack

Show your hockey spirit with these hockey theme stickers.  Four sheets to a pack, 4"1/2 x 6". Acid free




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