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Tennis Drinks
Tennis Drinks   1   

Racquet Bottle Stopper

Great tennis gift idea!  This whimsical wine bottle stopper maintains the freshness in your
wines by keeping the air out of the open bottle.  Comes packaged in this classy gift box.
Tennis racquet stands 3" high; entire bottle stopper is 5 1/2" high.





Player Strokes Wine Glass
Fun, hand painted wine glass.
"Serve", "Backhand", "Forehand" written
on the glass; "Game, Set, Match" on the base.


Wimby Hand Painted Stemware
Go ahead... put your cocktail down with confidence. These hand-blown, hand-painted stemware pieces feature a "ball" to help partygoers keep track of their drinks...works like a charm!  Wimby stemware is dishwasher safe, and each glass comes in its own gift box.

$21.00 each

Wine Glass    Martini Glass



Hand Painted Wine Glasses
Exclusive designs! Colors may vary
as each wine glass is one of a kind.

Bouncing Tennis Balls  $21.98

Crossed Racquets $21.98


Tennis Vin Tags
  Identifies your wine glass from others. 
Contains 6 unique tennis motif wine charms. 





10 oz. Hand Painted Tennis Pilsner Glasses
Great gift for team captain or tennis partner. 
Hand washing recommended.

$18.95 each






Queen of the Court Wine Glass 
We all know a Queen of the Court
who would love this hand painted
wine glass.


Colorful Tennis Ball Wine Charms
 Identifies your wine glass from others. 
$ 12.50  

Beaded Racquet Bottle Stoppers
$9.99 each

Multi Color  


Tennis Drinks   1   

Exclusive items from Sports Party World