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Tennis Party Ideas


Tennis Theme Party Ideas !!!

Compared to other sports, there are not many tennis theme party supplies available.  Because of limited goods, you have to be creative when throwing your tennis party or awards banquet.  Here are a few ideas!

nvitations & Thank You Cards:  With clip art and computers you are manned with all the tools you need to make great invitations.  If you want to jazz up your invitation add the tennis angle pin to the cover.  While giving an added 3-d look, the angle pin is a nice keepsake. 

Not so good with a computer?  Use the 3-D Fabric Tennis Stickers to make award winning invitations.  Of course we have a great variety of blank note cards that you can personalize for your party.

Tennis stationery makes great paper to write your announcements or party invitations.  There is even matching tennis envelopes.  Does it get any easier?

Table Cloth:   Buy a green vinyl table cloth.  With 2" white sport tape, line the table cloth to look like a tennis court.  Simple but effective.  You could also use our roll of tennis ball stickers to put around the edges.  If you put them on a vinyl table cloth, the stickers can easily be removed.
Place the extra tennis ball sticker on green cups.  Write your guest names on the stickers before you attach them and your guests won't loose their cups! 

Having a Wimbledon party?  Go to your local hardware store and buy some artificial lawn edge.  Cut the artificial lawn to make a table runner in the center of the table.  Decorate the table with tennis theme bowls, plates and napkins. The "green lawn" adds a fun but realistic effect to you table. Netting is also a fun item to drape on your tables or along the side.

Ping pong tables are a fast way to create a tennis look.  They already have a green background with a net.  You can recreate the tennis court by adding white tape for the court lines.

Centerpiece:  Tennis balls make are a great addition to any centerpiece.  Use a hand held corkscrew and screw a hole in the ball.  Go to your dollar store and get plastic chop sticks or strong barbecue skewers.  Put the tennis ball on the stick and place them in a flower arrangement.  It will make a beautiful centerpiece.  Our color plastic racquets can also be added to large centerpiece. Use glass racquet swizzle sticks for smaller arrangements.

Have old tennis trophies in your attic?  Dust them off and place them in the center of  flower arrangements.  It's easy and inexpensive!

Try floating tennis balls in a pretty glass container with floating candles using colored water.  

Party Favors
Miniature trophies make great party favors.  Put the trophies next to the place settings at your luncheon or awards banquet.  For an added effect, put a tennis ball antenna topper or tennis ball lip balm on top of the trophy. Guest can have a great favor to take home.

Use tennis candy molds to make great color chocolates favors.  Just melt a bag of Wilton colored chocolates in the microware and pour them into the molds.  Want to be more creative?  Use the molds to make individual soap.

Fun Party Ideas
Create a tennis sign for your table.  Fold a heavy piece of paper and write your message.  Use the tennis player eyeglass holder and insert it into the slot where the eye glasses would go.

To make place holders, cut tennis balls in half and cut slit in the top.  Put weighted paper with names or pictures in the slit and place on tables.

If you have access to any old wooden racquets they make great decorations for any tennis party.

Use our tennis cake topper figurines to decorate your table or centerpiece.

Balloons add color and atmosphere to any tennis affair.  Latex balloons are your standard blow up balloons.  They can usually be filled with helium but often loose their float after a day. Mylar balloons hold their loft for several days.

You can bring balloons you bought elsewhere to any drug store, grocery store, or party store that has a helium tank.  They will fill them and place a ribbon around them for you to carry the balloons. The cost is very reasonable but varies from store to store.  Give yourself plenty of time as it takes several minutes to blow up each balloon.

Use an odd number of balloons in a bouquet and space them out so they're slightly different heights. Tie ribbon on the end of several balloons and curl the ribbon using scissors or a knife.  Weigh down balloon bouquets with soda cans or canned food wrapped in tennis theme wrapping paper.  You can also allow balloons to just float up to the ceiling with long ribbons.

We hope this advice helps make your event a great success.  A little creativity goes a long way and you don't have to spend a fortune.  Good Luck!